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The new J.D. Power 2015 US Tech Choice Study tells us loud and clear where the market is going. Or at least where it’s been. The most-desired are features the have been available for several years and are now reaching mainstream consciousness. The most preferred include blind-spot detection and prevention, night vision, enhanced collision mitigation system, a camera rearview mirror, and self-healing paint.

Conversely, the survey respondents say they have the least interest in a health-and-wellness system, hand gestures to control the cockpit, a hand-gesture-controlled seat, biometric driver sensors, and touch screens. Some of that may be a misunderstanding of what the technology does, or whether it improves driver safety. Biometric sensors can warn the driver he or she is getting drowsy, for example.

The survey covered 59 technologies in six categories. Here’s what they want, according to Power, and our take on how much it matters:

2014 Cadillac CTS

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