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International Children's Day--For Children's safety

KEY Words : ADAS BSD , blind spot detection , 360 degree camera , around view monitor,around view camera

children blind spot , 360-degree panoramic camera , blind spot warning systems

Notice that these places are "Blind Area to children".

Car "Children blind spot" mainly in three orientations of the car: in front,front side and rear side.

Front: in front of the car, for adults or children's height more than 1 meter, even if there is no standing below the front blind.

But for the height of one meter below the children, but there are no small blind. If you're sitting in the car, he did not notice

the child went to the front of the car, then it is likely to cause accidents.

Front side: because the domestic driving position is set to the left, so the blind spot on the right side of the vehicle relative to

the left becomes many and large. A column on the left block formed only a small blind, while the right side there are two, one

is also blocking the formation of the A-pillar blind spot, but slightly larger relative to the left, the other one is close to the next

body car rear view mirror position extends to the front area. This blind spot is the most common owners when cornering,

because blind children have not seen occlusion hit the child involved in the vehicle causing injury or death.

Car Rear: rear of the car as far away from the driver's seat and the intermediate barrier and more, so with respect to the front,

the blind area is very big. Accidents caused by blind spot behind the vehicle when reversing many of which are owners and

found no children behind the vehicle occurs.

In identifying "Children blind spot" position, what can be done to reduce the traffic risk?
1, the front of the vehicle in a circle around the car to observe the surrounding
Front of the car, the first lap around the car to observe, in addition to avoid with children hidden in the car, you can also see

if there is an obstacle in the side of the car.
2, before starting the car window to observe the multi-probe
Before starting the car, do not rely solely on the rearview mirror to observe the surroundings, try out the probe to observe,

so to minimize the scope of the gray zone.
3, with a number of automotive electronic functions
There are some built-in security system of the car can help to avoid all kinds of blind spots, such as 360-degree panoramic camera,

blind spot warning systems, the owner should be fully utilized.ADAS BSD , blind spot detection , 360 degree camera ,

around view monitor,around view camera

4, the district, the pedestrian-intensive areas to be especially careful
In driving through some areas particularly prone to accidents, or children, for example, very focused in the area, a supermarket

parking lot, etc., to be vigilant in order to control the speed at any time to react.

Children, to stay away from these places -
1. keep children close to turning vehicles. Vehicles traveling in turn, tend to have the front has opened avoid obstacles, and even

the case of the rear wheels still rolling collision occurs, this gap we call "the inner wheel difference." In turn intersection to be

cautious when you see the car in the direction lights flashing quickly with children farther away from the vehicle. Do not think

that you live in peace let off the front man and too close to the body, the rear wheels will be dangerous.
2. do not let children play in the car side. Children born with a good move, "hide and seek" they often play games around the car

is their favorite place to escape. However, child safety awareness is relatively low, coupled in the state of the game is difficult to

pay attention to driving conditions around the vehicle. Chasing, suddenly sprang to make room for more children the driver does

not respond, leading to dangerous situations.
3. do not let the child stay in the rear of the car. Young children is only about one meter tall, as tall dwarf, the driver is difficult to

see the back of someone, cause visual blind spot when the vehicle is started or a sharp turn is likely to hurt the children. Even with

reversing radar reminder can not guarantee foolproof, the reaction is often slower than the adult child, the moment it is possible

to mistake a big mistake.

KEY Words : ADAS BSD , blind spot detection , 360 degree camera , around view monitor,around view camera

The parking lot is not letting the child within. Now almost every shopping malls, supermarkets, entertainment city has a parking lot,

which also became necessary land dealings by people, but the parking lot seems a stationary vehicle is moving change can happen,

parents must take good care children, do not let them run and play freely in the car park.