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Around view monitor for BUS clear blind spot in front

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Buses have blind spot area in front. We recommend that passengers do not stand in front of the bus,

keep a safe distance from the vehicle to prevent accidents.

Left front corner of the bus is the biggest blind spot, whether it is turning or straight, the biggest blind spot here.

Especially the left turn when the vehicle in front frame affected by the smaller field of vision mirror, 

the greater the left blind, prone to danger.

In addition, the front windshield of the bus where there are about one meter blind, children under 1.3 meters if a stand here,

 sit inside the cab drivers generally do not see.

To the general public, do not let the child ran in front of large vehicles, especially in front of the car blind range. 

Before the driver, the stop after starting the vehicle body to lean forward to explore,

head down for a look at a little more carefully it is possible to avoid the tragedy occurred.

What can be done to reduce bus driver driving risk?
1, the front of the vehicle in a circle around the car to observe the surrounding

Front of the car, the first lap around the car to observe, in addition to avoid with children hidden in the car, 

you can also see if there is an obstacle in the side of the car.

2, before starting the car window to observe the multi-probe

Before starting the car, do not rely solely on the rearview mirror to observe the surroundings, try out the probe to observe, 

so to minimize the scope of the gray zone.

3, with a number of automotive electronic functions

There are some built-in security system of the car can help to avoid all kinds of blind spots, such as 360-degree panoramic camera,

 blind spot warning systems, the owner should be fully utilized

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