Your Intelligent Car Assistant
  • 2015-06-25Baidu return joining Audi BMW and Mercedes-Benz to bid for Nokia Maps
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  • 2015-06-09Audi 's Internet Thinking 2015
    original article : KEY WORD: adas solution ;&n 
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  • 2015-05-30The end of passive safety is the beginning of active safety
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  • 2015-05-05Collision mitigation systems earn their keep
    Collision mitigation systems earn their keep ADAS YINCAA® Eagle Vision Corporation Limited 
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  • 2015-05-05Night vision finally gets as good as the promise
    Night vision finally gets as good as the promise YINCAA ADAS night vision around view system Eagle Vision Corporation Limite 
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  • 2015-05-05Blind spot detection and accident prevention
    Blind spot detection YINCAA® your intelligent car assistant. R&D. Around View System. 360 Birdview DVR system 
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  • 2015-05-05More advanced car tech is here, ADAS,BSD,what are you waiting for.
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  • 2015-04-14Around View Monitor with park assist- Nissan car Technology
    YINCAA® around view system for car , 360 birdview DVR system for bus/ truck YINCAA 
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